Friday, March 5, 2010

Some Days All You Can Do Is Laugh....

There are some days it almost doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Was supposed to have jury duty today but got word last night that it was canceled. Great. That was a good thing.

It's Friday. I could have a 3-day weekend and nobody'd know the difference. Nahhhh. Decided to be a good doobee and a real team player and go in. Told the boss I'd be in long enough to get the usual work done and then take off early. Okay with him so that was a good thing.

Got to work early. Barely got the usual first-things-first done when a truck shows up. Trucker-baby has a narrow trailer --- and parked to one side of the dock. Then he got in a hurry and tried to lower the dock plate -- which got caught on one side of the trailer and stuck. Oh, crap. Try explaining a broken dock plate to the publisher when it's hard enough to get necessities like sharpies and index cards. Luckily got the plate back up while super-trucker pulled forward and finally got lined up with the dock so the plate would work. Whew.

Quiet morning on phones, thank God. Gave me time to do the rest of the usual morning stuff and even get done earlier than usual. Good thing. Visions of early homecoming danced like sugarplum through the brain. Sure signal that all **** is going to break loose. It didn't fail me this time either.

Boss comes in. How long am i staying? Long enough to get this and that done and then I"m gone, why?  He wants to take a road trip to check a route if i could stay that long. Did I want to go to lunch first? Nah, I'd work until he got back and then take off early with an hour for lunch tacked on the end of the day. Good thing.

Oh, by the way, could I Tom-erize this list from another driver, meaning putting the list not in any logical order recognizable to man other than the driver who has it arranged in throwing order. Small matter of only about 48 entries to be re-ordered on the route sheet plus 13 that have to have a status change and then be put in 2 places other than the other 48. Eyes were watering bigtime by the time that got finished. Boss finally got back at 3 and I was outta there by 3:15. With the lunch hour I didn't get to take at the usual time, I only lost 45 minutes of paid time. Not a bad thing.

Got home. Starving. Breakfast at 6 am and a double hand full of Wheat Thins at 9:30 don't last all day. Fixed some fish and shrimp and even fed the cats early so I could enjoy a quiet dinner. HAH.  The first plate full tasted so good I decided to try a second.  Had just sat down to continue eating when a cat barfs on the floor. Why do they always have to do that at mealtime?  Got up, grabbed paper towels and proceeded to clean up that spot only to hear a second spot being created around the corner. More paper towels. Sneak look at dinner plate -- good thing, no cat in sight. Mop, mop, return to garbage can to discard paper towels before turning back to dinner ------ and find another cat on the table just beginning to scarf fish and shrimp. This was too much to be borne!  I yelled. Cat flipped around and dove off desk followed by plate of fish and shrimp --- and chili sauce. Food flies everywhere.  Cat disappears. Swept and wiped up food. Settled for a bowl of cereal for the remainder of dinner.

I'd go to bed now but the way this day is going the dam thing will collapse on me or something.

Some days all you can do is laugh helplessly because if you cry, you're sunk.

I sure hope Saturday starts out better or I'm definitely NOT getting out of bed on Sunday!

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